Welcome to the PIG side of life!

 Life rarely goes exactly as planned, but these hearty Pigs are not easily knocked off their two skinny hoofs!
Pig Picture captures moments from our daily lives, helping us be more attuned to the humorous side of life – and not take ourselves too seriously.
These oh-so-human Pig tales are certain to make us laugh at ourselves – or at least put a smile on our faces.
Their long ears, chubby tummies, curly tails and whimsical expressions make the Pigs instantly recognizable.
They love the sun, but because of their Finnish heritage, the sturdy Pigs are also accustomed to living in arctic conditions. These days, you can run into the Pigs’ relatives also outside of Finland, so keep a lookout and remember: if life’s ever getting you down, just Think Pig!
Illustrations by Miru